Wander Woman: A Travel Podcast

Off The Rails

June 13, 2019 Phoebe Smith Season 1 Episode 2
Wander Woman: A Travel Podcast
Off The Rails
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Wander with Phoebe Smith as she travels by sidecar, train then tuk-tuk between Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa. She went to experience the classic Blue Train - a meandering and luxurious railway ride - but found truly captivating stories outside its carriages. Learn how to beat the dreaded jet lag with Phoebe's hard won travel hack of the month, meet the pioneering first female scuba dive instructor in Jordan (a place where many from on women undertaking adventures), whet your appetite for slow travel with the best train rides in the work, discover how a travel skirt could be more of use than you think (in association wit Rohan), old skool explorer Benedict Allen bears his soul (and a little more...)  in a store cupboard when he meets Wander Woman, and learn about our Freya Stark, our Wander Woman of the Month, who mapped parts of the Middle East before any other Europeans had even ventured there.

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South Africa By Any Means...
Travel Hack: Beat Jet Lag
Hidden Hero: Waed, Jordan
Top 10: Best Train Journey's in the World
Wander Woman's Guide too...Travel Skirts (in association with Rohan)
In Conversation with Benedict Allen
Wander Woman of the Month - Freya Stark